Halloween Short Stories

Halloween Short Stories

Just a normal evening with her dog

It was a normal evening in at the weekend. A little girl and her dog were alone at home, because her parents are went to a musical event this day. Nothing special happened. The girl watched Netflix and after one to two hours she became a bit tired. That´s why she went to bed, but as an extremely frightened person, she always reaches her hand to her dog which licks her hand until she is sleeping. This helps her to calm down. After a few minutes she woke up because of a mysterious noise but she was too tired to stand up so she reached her hand again to the dogs place. Again the dog licked her hand and she fell asleep. After the noise was getting louder, she stood up and went to the bathroom. Once she entered the room, she started screaming and crying. Her dog got killed and was hung up at the shower. Next to him was a text written with blood. Humans can lick too!


The appointment 31th

Today is the day. It’s Halloween! I’m walking around the streets. Many kids are carving pumpkins and decorating their gardens. I’m going back home to get ready. It’s 5 o’clock the sun sets. I am checking my phone, the bus is going to enter the bus stop in 14 minutes. I have to get ready now! I’m smashing the door running in the direction of the bus stop. I see the bus driving in. I have made it! I saw the bus driver, she looks like a sweaty sport teacher who wants to chase me around all the time. I broke my fear and walked in. I was looking for a seat and I found one. I sat down. I have to drive six stations to the hospital. During the ride I took out my phone and played a game called “Candy Crush”. The time passed very fast and I already have to exit. I’m walking the dark path to the hospital. On the right side, I see a scary forest and on the left side, there is a big field with a scarecrow in the middle of it. The hospital, a big old building I’m standing right in front of it. Only a double door is splitting me and the inside of it. I open the door. It makes a noise like an ill bird. The inside of the hospital is not lighted that’s why I’m a little afraid. I remember the horror movie I watched last Halloween, although I’m walking in and said ”hello, is someone there?”, nobody replied. So I called:“ I’m going back home, nobody is in here!”. The door closed I straight walked back to the door. I tried to open it, but no chance. I get nervous drag the door. I take my phone out. No battery. Why? I played Candy Crush in the bus with nearly full battery. It is quiet, only a small wind passes through. I am sneaking through the hospital while searching for an exit, maybe I can find an open window. I’m looking in every room if there’s an open window and for sure I checked at least 50 rooms. Now I’m at the end of the corridor only one door left I walked in but every window is closed. I’m going to leave the room but on the way back to the entrance of the corridor. People are coming out of some rooms. I checked all those rooms before so I don´t know where they coming from. It’s also dark so I can’t see well. As I walk to them, I realize something is wrong, one second later I saw it. They are all dead, but somehow alive. Some organs are hanging out of their bodies also blood is dripping on the ground. The zombies saw me and started to hunt me. I’m running but they become more and more. In a kitchen, I found a knife with which I try to defend myself. But also with the knife I know that I can’t defeat all the zombies and after a few minutes one zombie grabs my arm. I can’t get him away so I have to cut my arm off. It hurts, but it was the only way to escape. I’m running further, but I’m losing too much blood. Only after few meters, I’m tipping over and losing consciousness. I open my eyes. Somehow I am lying in my bed. Then I realize it was only a dream. I am putting one head on my chest and say ”Thanks god that I’m alive”. Then I stand up. I was startled, it´s a hand grabbing my leg. I tried to escape, but no chance. I died and the monster is eating my body. Hopefully it tastes good!


The somewhat different halloween party

On the night of Halloween, a group of teenagers went to a party and decided to play truth or dare. It was a wonderful evening. There were a lot of delicious snacks and everyone had fun. The house where the party took place was decorated with scary Halloween items. There were spider webs hanging on the walls and fake blood smeared on the tables. When it slowly got dark outside the group started to hear creepy noises like ghosts haunting in the house. They also heard footsteps coming from other rooms. The teens assumed that someone from the party wanted to prank them, so they weren´t scared. Suddenly the lights turned off, not only in the entire house but also the streetlights stopped shining. The power went out. Some girls started screaming. It was terrifying. After about 15 seconds the lights turned on again but something terrible happened. The circle was no longer complete. Three people had disappeared. There were traces of blood on their seats. The people had been murdered and kidnapped while all the lights were off. You could hear creepy laugher coming from the doorway. A few seconds later the door was slammed and the ghosts were gone. Everyone was so terrified; they left the party and went back home.


Screams in the unknowing darkness

On a dark, lonesome night rain was pouring heavily in a far off forest near Arizona. I was rushing down the path, completely soaked to the bone. Panicking because of the thunderstorm, I began looking for shelter nearby. Suddenly I spotted a little shed a short distance away. Therefore, I ran down to the shed, which was appearing bigger than I imagined. Without hesitation,| entered it. Once I reached past the doorstep the door slammed shut, making an unpleasant noise. Almost like a frightening little scream.

There was no light and I was standing in a room full of darkness. To kind of discover what this shed was like, I slowly tried tiptoeing towards the center of the confined space. All of the sudden things started to come towards me. I couldn’t see anything, but I heard them coming closer. I was trying to ignore them, however doing so only took me further into this nightmare.
My heart was beating wildly. instantly I knew setting a foot in here was a terrible mistake. I ran back to the door I also came in through. It was locked now. I couldn’t escape. A high-pitched scream echoed in my ears, which made my head start, to ache painfully. Shivers went down my spine. The sweat on my hands began to feel like blood dripping on the ground, but in this moment, I couldn’t tell the difference. I simply tried to rub it off onto my pants, though it didn’t help. I couldn’t think of what else to do, so I froze, hoping it was just a bad dream. I closed my eyes, trying to wake up, when unexpectedly I felt someone touching my ankles. I began screeching and jumping, trying to free myself. I was pulled down. My life flashed before my eyes. I got dragged into another room, but it was pointless to fight against it. I knew I was practically dead. Just then another shriek chimed loudly, which made me unconscious…


Photo by Pexels auf Pixabay